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Refining health prints with
Pro-GUT Lifestyle

 Know us more 

We are passionate Pro-GUT Health Consultants with over 25 years of experience in the fields of Medical Microbiology,  Biochemistry, Preventive, Functional Health and Infectious Diseases. 


Over years of working with microbes (good and bad) at individual levels, communities and healthcare setups across the USA, Europe and Asia including Singapore and India, we have gained extensive experience in addressing health needs involving bacterial and viral infections, metabolic issues, energy, immunity and several other preventive functional health issues. Our expertise in matters related to differential diagnostics of pathogens, the role of microbes in good health and the cause of severe infections, joined with our in-depth antibiotic stewardship led us to have successful control of antibiotic resistance and hospital-acquired infections over the years. 


We deeply understand the GUT-Care and microbial control measures. We understand how the dynamics of poor GUT microbes shift health into diseases and fitness into illness. We are thus committed to helping in implementing prudent GUT-Care to unlock preventive functional health that assists in boosting vital energy, immunity and metabolism to get rid of constipation, IBS, recurrent infections, moody GUT, hormonal and many other lifestyle issues.


Our prudent methods are recognized for extending strength and relaxation toward a healthy body and mind. A healthy GUT is the source of > 70%  immunity of the body, so with the right care from us, you indeed gain excellent ways to prevent infections and diseases before it gets too late. We actively contribute to this novel healthcare field via trainings, seminars, consultations, programs and educational CMEs.

At GUTWAYS, with extensive experience with beneficial and pathogenic microbes, we have established that without a lifestyle promoting functionally healthy microbes, a human GUT can turn into a gutter of pathogens attacking your immunity, metabolic and mental framework. Taking these facts, we worked rigorously to develop globally adaptable methods for strengthening GUT so that you can unlock your physical and mental wellness via healthy GUT microbes.

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